Anthony Breathnach




Film, Rapist, The Four Horsemen, Seven Tower Films, Robert Kelly Film, Bandit, Home Boys Home, Seven Tower Films, Robert Kelly Film, Paul, Anywhere Out of Town, Cutthroat Films, Colm Mullen
Film, Transvestit, The Sparrow’s Trap, Penny Rush Films, Brendan O'Carroll
Film, IRA MAN, After ’68, Channel 4, Stephen Burke  
Film, Luke, Man of War, Seven Tower Films, Robert Kelly
Film, Singing Butcher, The Snapper, BBC, Stephen Frears
Short Film, Tommy, Easy Money, DCU, Lisa Casey 
Short Film,Alan,The Wedding, DIT, Colm Maguire


TV, Officer, Ireland 1848, RTE/CEIDIVISION, Steve Woods
TV, Private, A Soldier’s Song, RTE Short Cuts, Kevin Liddy
TV, W.B Yeats, Nation Theartre of Ireland TVC, Peter Sheridan
TV, Yound Warrior, Mystic Knights, Sharpmist Prod. Kevin Barker
TV, Sound Engineer, Fair City, RTE, Paul Fitzgerald
TV, Bank Manager, Fair City, RTE, Niall Matthews
TV, Kieth Power, Fair City, RTE, Paul Fitzgerald
Stage, Ensemble, Good Buzz, Bad Buzz, Blue Drum, Devised
Stage, Major Blunder, Oranjes, Celtic River Productions, Finbar Monaghan
Stage, Detective Cole, Stop Kiss, Eruption T CO, Robert Emmet Finn
Stage, Considine, The Proclamation, Hairy Lemon T CO, Lawernce Lowey
Stage, Macbeth, Macbeth, Samual Beckett, Tom Hopkins
Stage, jack, Faithful Place, Magpie productions, Louise Lowe
Stage, Ensemble, The Alchemist, Iomha Ildanach, John O'Brien
Stage, Freddy, Pygmalion, Theatre from Oxford, Robert Southam
Stage, Anton, The Mother, Pale Mother, Helen Casey
Stage, SS Captain, Bent, Mutid Cupid, Eoin Feeney
Stage, Ensemble, Myths and Legends, Down To Earth, F. Heaney
Stage, Naoise, Deirdre, Iomha Idlanach, John O'Brien
Stage, Captain Carter, Pride and Prejudice, Gate Theatre, Alan Stanford







Height:  5'11"

Playing Age:  30-40

Eyes:  Blue

Build:  Slim

Hair Colour:  Light   Brown



Accents & Dialects:

Dublin (native), various Irish, Standard American, English (Rp and London)



Weapons Training, Stage Management, Acting Tutor @ Gaeity School of Acting