Des Early





Web Series, Luke O'Connor, Bust, Ronan Murphy

Television , Edgar, Shakespeare Unwrapped,  Wartank Prod. Paul Dowling


Short Film, Seamus, In Training, Lachian Kelly

Short Film, Adam, Diamonds, Tom Hall

Short Film, David,  Dream House,  Tom Hall



Stage,The Snake, The Little Prince, Smock Alley, Robbie O'Raw                                                                Stage, Kevin, The Rappapees,  Smock Alley,  James O'Connor                                                                       Stage, Brian, Fast Guys, Smock Alley,  Alyx Gonzales                                                                                 Stage, Benvolio, Romeo and Juliet, Geoff O'Keeffe

Stage, Making History, O’Donnell, Denis Conway

Stage, Proclamation, TheLiability, Ronan Dempsey

Stage, Johno, Goodbye, Warden, GSA Black Box, Donal Courtney

Stage. Hercules, Tales from Ovid, GSA Black Box, Paul Brennan

Stage. James, The Hearts Tied, Smock Alley, Aoife Spillane Hicks

Radio, Narrator, Marsyas - The Hippest Satyr, Roger Gregg.








Height:  6'

Playing Age:  21 - 28

Eyes:  Blue

Build:  Slim

Hair Colour: Auburn



Accents & Dialects:

Dublin, Irish - Northern, American-Standard, RP                                                                                                           


Performance Skills      

Audio Drama, Bassc- Rapier and Dagger Bassc-Unarmed, Theatre of Clown,  Commedia Dell'Arte



Music & Dance

Tenor, Tap Dancing


Other Skills

Trained in Horse Riding, Bartender



2 Year Full Time Professional Actor Training - The Gaiety School of Acting 2014-2016

Bow Street Academy for Screen Acting - 2017.