Frank McGovern










Film, Jal, Shooting star, Kieth Nerney 

Film, Ciaran, Elephant Shoes, Alan Early  

Film, Maxwel, The Irreducible Temporality of Geist, Blathanna pictures, Stephen Cadwell 

Film, Frank, Propeller heads, Stephen Byrne  

Film, Jumoke, Bedsit, Lisa Dalton 


Stage, Richard II, King Richard II, The Crypt,  Patrick Revell

Stage, Big B, Murder Monologues, Teachers Club, Jane Mulcahy

Stage, The Bouncer, The Woman who left Herself, Fringe Festival  , Fringe 2008 

Stage, The Farmer, Ben and Jerrys, Various Business Parks, Chloe Allart

Stage, Frank Hardy, The Hardy Boys,  Smock Alley, Kristian Marken 

Stage, Judd, Going Nowhere Apache,  Smock Alley, Kristian Marken 

Stage, Jame,  A Taste Of Honey, Gaeity School of Acting, Kristian Marken 

Stage, Hugh O Neill, Making History, Islington College , Mary Pine   

Stage, Poloniu, Hamlet,  Islington College, Mary Pine 

Stage,  Rosencrantz, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead, Islington College , Mary Pine 







Height:  6'0"

Playing Age:  30 - 40

Eyes:  Brown

Build:  Slim

Hair Colour:  Black



Accents & Dialects

Dublin (native) Inner City/D4, Cockney (strong), Manchester, Liverpool, New York (lived there for 3 years), Deep South and Black American


Stage combat, Karate, Skateboarding, Horse-riding 


Other Skills

Improvisation, full drivin lisence