Graham Earley




T.V, Frankie Ryan, Assassins, Keith Farrell

T.V, TV3 Red Rock  Derek O’Dwyer,  Niall Fallon


Feature Film, Kiddo; Stuart, , An Lar Films, Perry Ogden

Short Film, The Shadow Boxer; Lead Boxer, Reel Deal Studios 

Short Film, In the Garden; The one night stand,  Elephant on a Trampoline Studios

Short Film, The Art of Living; Mark, Reel Deal Studios

Short Film, A Thousand Yards; Evan, IADT Studios, Michael Carolan

Feature Film, Harry Hamlet and I; Harry, Pie in the Sky Studios, Aidan Conron

Docudrama, Product of a Nation; Tony Driscol, Jonathan Caffrey

Film, Glassland; Angry Neighbour, Element Pictures, Gerard Barrett 

Short Film, Tank; Trevor; CulaBula Productions, Eamonn Curley 

Short Film, Comfortable Chaos; Darren, (Self Written), (Self Directed) 

Short Film,  Fat Freddy’s Drop; Darren, Tonlegee Films, Alan Markey 

Short Film, Coercion; Ryan, Ghosts films, Padraig Ryan


Stage, Evil Turk, The Follies Of Calandro,Tallaght Theatre/Bull Alley Theatre 
Stage, The Young Syrian, Salome,Tallaght Theatre/Bull Alley Theatre 

Stage, Show Boy, The O'Reilly, Follies,  Theatre/Bull Alley Theatre 
Stage, Petruchio, The Tamming Of the shrew, Tallaght Theatre/Bull Alley Theatre 
Stage, Vadius, The Learned Ladies, The Civic Theatre/Bull Alley Theatre 
Stage, Seamus, Daorse(devised show), The Civic Theatre/Bull Alley Theatre 
Stage, Johnny Adel, Steel Pier,The O'Reilly Theatre-Bull Alley Theatre 
Stage, William, Home and Beauty, The Civic Theatre-Bull Alley Theatre 
Stage, Tommy/Lou, Marty, The Civic Theatre-Bull Alley Theatre 
Stage, Vasco, The Wicked Cooks--The Civic Theatre-Bull Alley Theatre 
Stage, Edward Rochester, Jane Eyre--The Civic Theatre-Bull Alley Theatre 
Stage, John Slaton, Parade--The Civic Theatre-Bull Alley Theatre 

Stage, The Boots on the other foot-Teachers Club-Art Polonia Theatre 

Stage, Player, The Destructors Manifesto--The Tivoli-Art Polonia Theatre 

Stage, The Job Of Your Dreams-Belgium Tour-Emerald Isle Theatre 

Stage, The Music Hall- France Tour-Emerald Isle Theatre 







Height: 5'11"

Playing Age:   20 - 30

Eyes: Blue

Build: Athletic

Hair Colour: Brown



Accents & Dialects:

American-East Coast, American-Midwest, American-New York, American-Southern States, American-Standard, American-West Coast, Belfast, Central Scottish, Cork, Donegal, Dublin, Galway, Glasgow, Irish RP, Irish-Northern, Irish-Southern, London, RP, Scottish-Standard



Boxing, Dance, Martial Arts, Kickboxing, Horse ridding, Weight training                         

Other Skills: