Hazel McLynn




Film, Landlady, Hearts Desire, Stefan Bartman

Film, Karen, Nine Lives, Paul McKay

Film, Assumpta, Man With A Mission, Scott Altman


T.V, Feature, Failte Ireland Advert,  Gillian Reynolds, Mc Cann Ericsson

Stage, Breda, Eden, Ronan Wilmot, Dublin Theatre Company

Stage, Betty, Quare Times, John Dunne, London Irish Theatre Co.

Stage, Molly Bloom, Ulysses, Adrienne Le Harivil, James Joyce Centre

Stage, Salome, Tales of The Macabre, Tony Kelly, Dublin Writers Museum

Stage, Rose, Dancing At Lunaghsa, Paul Ward, Kingston Theatre Company

Stage, Queen Maeve, Spirit of The Boyne, Brenda Harrington, Little Duke Productions

Stage, Mrs Butler, Three Cheers For Mrs Butler, Betty Ann Norton, B.A.N. Theatre School

Stage, Paul Gilligan, Slice of Saturday Night  Sue, Andrews Lane Theatre

Stage, Bosun Aras, Return To The Forbidden Planet, Paul Gilligan, Andrews Lane Theatre

Stage, Mrs Greer, Annie, Noel Mc Donagh, Tivoli Theatre

Stage, Victoria, Pirates of Penzance, Brian Merriman, Olympia Theatre

Stage, Flapper, The Old Lady Says No, Caroline Fitzgerald, Foster Place


Height:  5'3"

Playing Age:  30 - 40

Eyes:  Blue

Build:  Medium

Hair Colour:  Brunette




Accents & Dialects:  



Music & Dance: 

good singing voice





Other Skills: