Mick Nolan 










Film,Veronica Guerin, Joel Schumacher, Touchstone Pictures

Film,Headrush, Shimmy Marcus, Zanzibar Productions

Film, The Gaelic Curse, Jack Conroy, Zanzibar Productions

Film, Postman, How About You, Glenealy Production LTD. 

Film, Evelyn, Owen O’Leary, Desnial Prod. Ltd

Film, Rat, Sansara Ltd, Steve Barron

Film, Driver, Soft Sand Blue Sea, Centurion Films

Film, The Boxer, Hells Kitchen, Jim Sheridan

Film, Joe McGuinness, Meteor, Oxwald Ltd

Film, Det. Stokes, Moving Target, Concorde Anois, Joe O’Byrne

Film, Billy, Spaghetti Slow, Exchange Prod, Val Jalongo

Film, The Commintments, 20th Centuary Fox, Alan Parker 


TV, Ray, Faircity, (ongoing) R.T.E, various

TV, Garry, Showbands, Ballroom Films  

TV, Medical Authority Official, Proof Series 2, P2 Television

TV, Sergent, Making The Cut,  R.T.E., Martyn Frend

TV, First Jackal, The Ambassador,  Ambassador Films

TV, Bookie, Ballykissangel,  Ballykea Prod.,

TV, Clive, Finbar’s Class, R.T.E., Roy Heayberd

TV, Paddy, Father Ted,  Hat Trick Prod.  

TV, The Manager, The Family,  BBC,

TV, Joe, Any Time Now, Nora Films Ltd.

T.V.Paths to Freedom, Ian Fitzgibbon, RTE

T.V.Extra, Extra, Read All About It.  RTE.


Stage, Uncle Trellis, At Swim Two Birds, Peacock Theatre, Jimmy Fay

Stage, Ken, Peacock, Twenty Grand, Theatre, C. Morrisson

Stage, Sweeney, Mrs Sweeney, The Mint, Kathy McArdle

Stage, Tony/Marcus, Home,  Olympia Theatre, Paul Mercier

Stage, Passion Machine, Buddleia, Paul Mercier

Stage, Mr. Farrell, Brownbread, Passion Machine, Paul Mercier

Stage, Mitch, A Streetcar Named Desire, New Gasworks

Stage, Splinters, The Locker Room, New Gasworks, Paul Walker

Stage, Second Age Theatre, The Plough & The Stars, Fluter Good, Peter Sheridan

Stage, Passion Machine, Drowning, Da,  Paul Mercier

Stage, Passion Machine, Studs, Danny, Paul Mercier

Stage, Thurlock, The Birdtable, Passion Machine, Brendan Gleeson

Stage, Buddleia, Paul Mercier, Daimer Theatre, London

Stage, Keywest, Jimmy Fay, Project Theatre.

Stage, War, Paul Mercier, Olympia Theatre,Dublin

Stage, Native City, Paul Mercier, Tivolli Theatre, Dublin.µµ

Height: 5'9"

Playing Age:   60 - 70

Eyes: Blue

Build: Broad

Hair Colour: Black



Accents & Dialects:

American-East Coast, American-Midwest, American-New York, American-Southern States, American-Standard, American-West Coast, Belfast, Central Scottish, Cork, Donegal, Dublin, Galway, Glasgow, Irish RP, Irish-Northern, Irish-Southern, London, RP, Scottish-Standard



Other Skills:

Improvisation, comdedy