Steven Lafford





Film,  Steve (myself), Boys club, Vinny Murphy/Peter McDermott, Conservatory of Music and Drama


Stage, Al Joad, The Grapes Of Wrath,  Mark Lambert, Space Up Stairs, The Project Arts Centre

Stage, Tybalt, Romeo and Juliet, Miriam O’ Meara, St. Mary’s School Rathmines

Stage, Young Boy, Finders/Keepers?, Susie Kennedy, Catherine Mc Auley National School

Stage, Macduff, Macbeth, Mary Moynihan, Rathmines DIT Theatre

Height:  5'8"

Playing Age:  18 - 25

Eyes:  Blue

Build:  Medium

Hair Colour: Dark Brown



Accents & Dialects:

American-East Coast, American-Midwest, American-New York, American-Southern States, American-Standard, American-West Coast, Belfast, Central Scottish, Cork, Donegal, Dublin, Galway, Glasgow, Irish RP, Irish-Northern, Irish-Southern, London, RP, Scottish-Standard



Horse riding


Other Skills: